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The pioppino is a culinary favorite, with long stems and velvety medium-to-large brown caps. Pioppino mushroom kits, though reliable, may take extra attention and time to produce mushrooms. They prefer cooler temperatures and need constant humidity to initiate pining. Using a humidity tent or humidity-controlled fruiting chamber will help mitigate moisture issues as long as there is proper fresh air exchange.


Grow speed: 

3-4 weeks


This kit includes: 


  • A bag of inoculated substrate, with an X,- - - , or U shaped mark on the side
  • A plastic bag to place over the top of the box 
  • An instructional care sheet.

Pioppino Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand by our grow kits, 100%. If you have a problem, reach out, and we'll solve it with guidance on how to get it growing, or by sending a replacement kit at the cost of shipping.

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