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Great for the intermediate grower, these Chestnut mushrooms, when cooked, have a woodsy aroma, a crunchy texture, and a rich, nutty, mildly-sweet flavor. Chestnuts prefer cooler temperatures and are prone to drying out or stopping their growth if humidity is not maintained when the mushrooms are still in their early stages.


Grow speed: 

3-4 weeks


This kit includes: 


  • A bag of inoculated substrate, with an X,- - - , or U shaped mark on the side
  • A plastic bag to place over the top of the box 
  • An instructional care sheet.

Chestnut Mushroom Grow Kit

  • Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand by our grow kits, 100%. If you have a problem, reach out, and we'll solve it with guidance on how to get it growing, or by sending a replacement kit at the cost of shipping.

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