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A little bit about Matt

Matthew Wanasek, mycologist and entrepreneur, opened Matt's Wild Foods in 2018.  

"I have had a passion for mushrooms that goes far beyond a business. I started off teaching myself identification and taxonomy for almost 15 years before a major back injury left me unable to continue my career as a plastics processor and mechanic. I then decided to pursue my fascination for fungi as a career. 

I am certified to ID and sell wild mushrooms in numerous states. I work with both the Wisconsin Mycological society and the North American Mycological Association on education and programs. 

The world of fungi is amazing and holds so much potential for the future. They are food, medicine, packaging, building materials, water filtration, a means to map our roadways, and mycoremediation of the environment. In the future, I hope to be able to offer educational forays and walks to help teach the public about all the amazing potential of fungi."

Man holding cordyceps mushrooms
Man pushing a rack full of mushrooms
Man in front of an audience pointing towards a powerpoint
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