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Coral Tooth mushrooms can be enjoyed cooked, dried, extracted, or even steeped as tea! In addition to making an amazing meat substitute, it is an absolute culinary dream both in texture and flavor.  Coral Tooth grow kits are a great mushroom for  beginners. They colonize quickly and are relatively reliable producers. It's important to note that Coral Tooth can be prone to drying out if the ambient humidity is too low, so we recommend that you maintain high humidity.


Grow speed: 

2-3 weeks


This kit includes: 


  • A bag of inoculated substrate, with an X,- - - , or U shaped mark on the side
  • A plastic bag to place over the top of the box 
  • An instructional care sheet.

Coral Tooth Mushroom Grow Kit

if out of stock it may take up to 3 weeks before it is ready to ship
  • Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand by our grow kits, 100%. If you have a problem, reach out, and we'll solve it with guidance on how to get it growing, or by sending a replacement kit at the cost of shipping.

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