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Wine Cap Sawdust Spawn is used to grow large meaty mushrooms outdoors in hardwoods chip mulch and or straw.  A 5 pound bag is adequate to inoculate a 5x10 foot area and a 10 lb bag a 10x10 area.  It is best planted under a shady tree or a hedge row, but can also be co-planted under tomatoes or other large vegetables to enhance growth and provide an additional crop! The wine cap is a delicious mushroom that can vary in size from a golf ball all the way up to a dinner platter. They are best harvested early, before the  cap opens up fully. Their flavor has subtle slight potato like undertone, excellent braised, grilled,  sautéed, pickled, and stewed.  They are a very versatile mushroom and can produce sizable croppings. 


Grow speed: 

approx 3 months of nightime temps over 50F


This kit includes: 


  • A bag of sawdust spawn, instructions for use. 

Wine Cap Sawdust Spawn 5-6lb or 10-11lb bag

  • Our #1 priority is your happiness. We stand by our grow kits, 100%. If you have a problem, reach out, and we'll solve it with guidance on how to get it growing, or by sending a replacement kit at the cost of shipping. 

  • Here is a write up on starting your  wine cap bed. additionally  if you search on youtube or any browser you can find  many  articles and videos  showing and describing  ways others have done it.

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